Imam Jaffer As Sadiq and His Serpent

Imam Jaffer As Sadiq (May Allah be Pleased with Him)

Hazrat Jaffer’s title was Sadiq and family name was Abu Abdullah. His genealogical tree is Imam Jaffer Sadiq, Son of Imam Mohammed Baqir, Son of Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen, Son of Imam Hussain, Son of Ali Murtaza (May Allah be Pleased with Them all). In spiritual education, He had alliance with His maternal grandfather, Imam Qasim and by family with Hazrat Ali Murtaza (May Allah be Pleased with Him). Imam Jaffer Sadiq was born in Madina Munawara on 13th Rabi-ul-Awal, 87 Hijri and left this temporary world on 15th Rajab 138 Hijri in Madina Munawara. His mausoleum is in ‘Jannat-ul-Baqeeh’ near His grandfather. Among His students there was Imam Abu Haneefa Nauman Bin Thaabit too.

Maulana Khawaja Farid-ud-Din Ataar (May Allah be Pleased with Him) stated that His voice and writing did not have strength to appreciate Imam Jaffer Sadiq (May Allah be Please with Him). He was the Leader of all the Master’s of His time. He had great knowledge and insight into knowledge, the pages of history are full with accounts of His virtues and qualities.

Sayyidi Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi refers to an instnace when the Khalifa of His time who was called Mansoor, once planned to kill Imam Jaffer Sadiq (May Allah be Pleased with Him) and ordered his servants to bring Hazrat Imam Jaffer Sadiq in his court. His minister tried to stop him from doing so but he did not listen. The khalifa told his servants that when the will Imam step in he would take off his cap (as a signal) and so, they could kill Imam Jaffer Sadiq. When Imam arrived in, Khalifa Mansoor got up suddenly and very respectfully and submissively went forward to receive Him and made Him sit on the throne while he himself sat opposite with great regard. The servants were baffled. Khalifa Mansoor asked Imam Jaffer what His urgencies are. Hazrat Imam Jaffer replied that He only want not to be called here again so that He can worship without being disturbed. The Khalifa gave Him dress of honour with great esteem upon His departure. After Imam Jaffer Sadiq (May Allah be Pleased with Him) had left, Khalifa started trembling and fell unconscious and remained in same condition for three days.

After three days when he regained consciousness, his minister asked him why he was so frightened. The Khalifa Mansoor answered that he saw a large serpent with Imam Jaffer Sadiq as He was coming in. The jaws of the serpent were so big that its upper jaw was over the platform and the lower jaw was under the platform, and it told him that if he troubled Him then the serpent would pull him from the platform. He was so much terrified of the serpent that he did not know what he was saying, and he apologised.

It is mentioned that once a man lost a pouch of money. He started quarrelling with the Respected Imam Jaffer Sadiq (May Allah be Pleased with Him) and accused Him of taking the money. Imam Jaffer Sadiq (May Allah be Pleased with Him) asked him what was in the pouch. He answered that there were two thousand dinars; Imam Jaffer As Saadiq (May Allah be Pleased with Him) went home and brought two thousand dinars and gave it to the man.

After sometime the man found his pouch of money from somewhere else. He came to Imam Jaffer Sadiq (May Allah be Pleased with Him) to return the money and accepted his mistake. Imam Jaffer Sadiq (May Allah be Pleased with Him) replied that He would not take the money back; and when the man find out that He was the Imam, he felt embarrassed.

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