Forgiveness of Seventy Thousand People

Forgiveness of Seventy Thousand People – Sultan Ul Awliyaa Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi

Once a woman came to Hazrat Khawaja Hassan Basri (May Allah Please with Him) and told him that her daughter had died and she desired to have her vision in dream. Hazrat Hassan  Basri (May Allah Please with Him) asked her to offer four extra unit of prayers and recite ‘Surah Al Fatiha and Surah Alhakum-mutha-Takasur’ after ‘Isha’ prayer and then go to bed and keep on reciting blessed Darood until she fell asleep. She did as she was told and saw her daughter in the dream; she was in great pain and torment. She was having a dress of tar and both of her hands were tied and her feet were tied with a chain of fire.

The woman said, when she got up in the morning she was very disturbed due what she had seen in the dream. She went straight to Hazrat Hassan Basri (May Allah Please with Him) and described the whole dream to him. Hazrat Hassan Basri (May Allah Please with Him) told her to give charity for her daughter and replied that Allah Almighty might forgive her due to the blessings of giving the charity. The woman went home.

The next night Hazrat Hassan Basri (May Allah Please with Him) had a dream, He saw a garden of the heaven. There was a high throne in the garden where a beautiful girl was sitting and wearing an illuminated crown. When the girl saw Hazrat Hassan Basri (May Allah Please with Him), she said, ‘Oh Hassan Basri have you not recognised me’. Hazrat Hassan Basri (May Allah Please with Him) replied “no”. The girl said that she is the same girl whose mother came to Him and He told her mother to recite the blessed Darood after offering ‘nafl’ prayer after the ‘Isha’ prayer and then until she fell asleep.

Hazrat Hassan Basri (May Allah Please with Him) replied: ” Your mother had given me a totally different description to what I am seeing you as”. The girl replied that she was in the same condition as her mother had described. Hazrat Hassan Basri (May Allah Please with Him) asked her then how had she got such status. The girl explained that seventy thousand people were going through such pain and torment which her mother had described. Then one day one of the pious person, a friend of Allah (Awliya Allah) pass by their graveyard and he recited blessed Darood once and sent the blessings of the blessed Darood on all of the souls upon the bodies that are buried in the graveyard. His blessed Darood was so accepted that by just once recitation of the blessed Darood they all were exonerated from the pain and torment. In addition, they got a high position in heaven due to that pious friend of Allah.

Extract from a Lecture of Sayyidi Sultan Ul Awliya Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi  

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