Three main factors why people serve Awliya Allah

Three Priceless Pearls – Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi

During a speech of Sayyidi Sultan Ul Awliyaa Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi, He explained three factors that like lines engraved in stone.

Example of the lion; it is the king of the jungle and its fear is felt whether it is in the cage or not. The same is the case with the friend of Allah (Awliya Allah); they are the lions of Allah Almighty. They are the crown-less kings from rest of the creations. The kings and rulers of the world rule over people with their power and wealth while the friends of Allah Awliya Allah rule exact on the hearts of the people without wealth and power.

First Pearl:

People will love the person as much as he loves Allah Almighty. It is evident that if we have love for people close to Allah Almighty in our hearts, we eventually destined to meet such Saints of Allah and we consider it to be our good fortune to see them and kiss their hands. Friend of Allah (Awliya Allah) have great love for Allah Almighty, therefore, Allah Almighty transfer the love for these friend of Allah (Awliya Allah) in the peoples’ hearts.

Second Pearl

People serve the pious person (Awliya Allah) who are close to Allah Almighty at such amount, the amount of worship is performed by the pious person for Allah. Do you know that the mother give birth to independent and free person but these people consider it to be their good fortune to serve and pick up the shoes of these Awliya Allah.

Third Pearl

The people will be as fearful from the person as much as he is fearful from Allah Almighty. You might have seen that there is a kind of apprehensiveness in the gathering of the Friends of Allah (Awliya Allah); it is a gratitude of Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty had bestowed the blessing of apprehensiveness to the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings be Upon HIM) and He used to say,  نصرتُ بالرُّعب, Translation: ‘Allah Almighty has helped Me through fear.’ It is in blessed Hadith that wherever the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings be Upon HIM) travelled His fear was, ‘مسیرۃ شھر’, meaning one month’s distance travelled ahead of Him.

Once, during the rule of Khalifa Haroon Ur Rashid, Hazrat Imam Yousaf came to the mosque. As he removed his shoes, two students came forward and picked up his shoes. The students laid down their handkerchief and placed the shoes on it. Then they both held a corner of the handkerchief and carried the shoes in the mosque with great respect.

Khalifa Haroon Ur Rashid was watching the whole scene through the window of his palace. He said to himself that the real rulers were those people whose shoes were carried with respect and were given great reverence.

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