The Moral, Financial and Political advantages of Sacrifice (Qurbani)

The Moral, Financial and Political advantages of Sacrifice (Qurbani)

If a person spends his wealth in an appropriate way then he is able to shun the bad habits like the avarice. Avarice makes the person get attracted towards inhuman characteristics like cruelty, violation of others rights, disrespect of parents and fearlessness, and sometimes he may lose his life too. An avaricious person neither feels affection for himself nor for others. When other people see his avarice they do not have any regard for him and consider him abject and contemptible. He faces contempt in the world and does not receive any blessings of Allah Almighty.

A lot of money is required to buy an excellent sacrificial animal. And by distributing the meat among the needy you show compassion and charity. The people who receive the gift of meat they are grateful and thankful to the person and pray wholeheartedly for him; and secondly the atmosphere of love and affection prevails. It is mentioned in a Hadith,

‘Give and exchange gifts and presents so that there is love and affection and the national governance is strengthened. The nation that does not have love and sympathy among themselves they cannot lead a respectable life and neither is their national administration complete. Therefore, Islam has given the lesson of love and sympathy and national administration through sacrifice (Qurbani).’

An exquisite animal is required for sacrifice (Qurbani). A certain class of the nation profits from the trade of sacrificial animals. Most of the people who offer sacrifice are wealthy anyway. People buy healthy animals for sacrifice (Qurbani) willingly at good prices. Some people benefit by the trade of the hide and wool of the animals and in this way many people of the nation become wealthy.

Sacrifice (Qurbani) is not mandatory on the poor and needy people. Opulence and prosperity in the nation comes when the people are affluent. Wealthy nations always lead a respectable life. In fact the religious and worldly success and progress depends on wealth. Wealth is required to fulfil many aspects of Islam, such as: performing Hajj, building and maintaining Mosques, the building of schools and for looking after of the orphans, needy and the poor. Therefore, Islam has given the lesson of making the nation administration strong through sacrifice (Qurbani). Islam considers it virtuous and admirable to perform the sacrifice (Qurbani) with your own hands. Courage and bravery is very important for the national life so that you are ready to compete/fight with the most challenging aspects of your life.

Every year under the tough supervision of the Naqshbandi Mohsini scholars, the community Sacrifice (Qurbani) project delivers the Moral and Financial advantages to the poor and needy. This unique charitable project works as a mechanism to enhance the societal harmony among vast communities by offering various supports and services on the blessed day of ‘Eid ul Adha’.

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