Predictions of Sultan Ul Awliyaa that came out to be true later


There have been a number of incidents when the lovers and Devotees of Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi witnessed Sultan Ul Awliyaa predicting about the happenings of the time to come. Later, people witnessed that the same had happened as Hazrat Shaykh had Said before those incidents had occurred. Such incidents are several but some of the Incidents in relation to the internal situation of the Pakistan are being referenced here for the Devotees to read and gain Sayyidi Shaykh’s Spiritual Blessings (Fayz e Roohani).

Sultan Ul Awliyaa Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi was one day sitting along with His Lovers and Devotees (Murids) when the issue of the late Governor of Punjab had started. Someone of the devotees told Hazrat Shaykh about the blasphemous statement of Governor Salman Taseer that he stated that measures should be taken to bring the blasphemous law that was about punishing a person who spoke against Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) to a halt and that he had recently took up a campaign to repeal Pakistan’s blasphemy laws that forbade anyone to speak against Islam or insult Islam in anyway.

Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi, after having had heard what the Devotee had said about the Governor, in the state of  Jalaal Stated,

“If he had said such a statement, I feel that someone close to him would soon shoot him as he is speaking against the law that stops the people (of Pakistan) to insult Islam and say anything against the last Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)”.

There were several devotees sitting near Hazrat Shaykh when Hazrat had said such a statement in the state of displeasure . Anyhow, three days had passed when Hazrat had said such a statement and had departed for Baghdad Sharif for the Mausoleum of Sultan Ul Awliyaa Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilaani (May Allah be pleased with Him) when one of His Devotee’s (Mureeds), Rafiq Bhatti Mohsini contacted Hazrat Shaykh from Pakistan and said,

O Shaykh! What you said three days before, the same had happened to the Governor of Punjab as one his personal security guards who was very close to him as a result of which he died. He continued that the security guard told that due to the Governor’s disrespect on the law he did such an act.

Similarly, the May 2013 Elections of Pakistan were going on and two main parties who were trying to be in power, at that time were Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Pakistan Threek e Insaaf (PTI) of Imran Khan. When elections had probably just started, someone from the Devotees of Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi asked Hazrat if He would tell him that who would win the Elections of Pakistan, 2013 overall. Hazrat normally doesn’t tell about such things but that day He was in a happy mood when the Devotee had asked to which Hazrat replied, this time Pakistan Thereek e Insaaf would lose the elections and hinted towards Pakistan Muslim League winning the 2013 Elections.

Later, when the Elections had started, the devotee remembered what Hazrat had said. When the final results were out, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz had won the elections as Hazrat had told before time to His Devotee that who would win before time.

There are several incidents about which Hazrat had predicted and told before time but another similar incident was of the World Cup of Pakistan that was to happen in 2011. When India and Pakistan had come opposite each other in the World Cup Finals, another beloved Devotee of Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi, Ghulam Mustafa Mohsini asked Shaykh whether Pakistan would win or India and then further asked Him to pray that Pakistan wins. But Hazrat didn’t raise His blessed Hands to pray, instead remained silent.

Later, Ghulam Mustafa Mohsini went back to his home since it was late and slept when he, the Mureed of Hazrat Shaykh was blessed with the Vision (Ziyarah) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him). Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), in the dream told Ghulam Mustafa Mohsini that,

Pakistan’s team didn’t step on the ground with the intention of winning. They would have won but they had not intended to win the match. 

When Ghulam Mustafa woke up and was thinking about the dream, he found out that what he saw in dream had occurred accordingly and that Pakistan had already lost the Finals of World Cup, 2015.

May Allah (Subhanawat’ala) grant the Lovers of Shaykh Sultan Ul Awliyaa His Qurb (Closeness) and Love, InshaAllah.

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