The child who miraculously got back his life after Sultan Ul Awliyaa Shaykh prayed for him


The incident came into occurrence on June, 2009 when the son of the devotee and childhood friend of Hazrat Sultan Ul Awliyaa while cycling had a severe accident with a motor-bike and a rickshaw. Due to severe wounds and extensive bleeding it was evident that the child could not be saved. Aamir Waheed, the childhood friend and Devotee of Hazrat when along with his wife Shaziaa Aamir and along with a few neighbours took his son, Muhammad to a near-by Shalimar Hospital, the doctors of that hospital remarked that due to extensive bleeing, they could not carry out the proceedings and hence, asked Aamir Waheed Mohsini to take his son to General Hospital as it was a well-known health-care centre of the area.

Aamir Waheed called Hazrat Shaykh through phone and in the state of crying, he humbly repeatedly said (cried) to his Shaykh, 

Huzoor (Shaykh)! Save my child, save my child.

Aamir Waheed Mohsini, since was among the very loved disciples (Mureeds) of Shaykh and knew Hazrat since the days of school, Hazrat Sultan Ul Awliyaa Shaykh Mohammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi gave special attention and prayed for the son of his disciple.

Hazrat Shaykh referred to the Glad-tiding (Bashaarat) that was blessed to Him by Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) which was (In Hazrat Shaykh’s words),

I was blessed with the Vision of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) on 16/November/1990. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) with immense love blessed me with a Glad-tiding that is that He Said,

“A person who gets injured in any accident and you pray for that person, Allah (Subhana wata’ala) would bless that person with a new life.” Hazrat Shaykh prayed to Allah (Subhanwata’ala) and by referring to the Glad-tiding, asked back the life of the kid. 

Right after Hazrat prayed, the operation got successful and the child was miraculously saved; Not only the relatives but the doctors were astounded that how did the kid got his life back though there had been extensive bleeding and severe wounds near the forehead.

His previous name was Mubashir but after this happening, his name was thus, changed to Mohammad.

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