The authority of the words uttered by the Beloved Saints of Allah


The words or the figures (Aadaad) uttered by the Saints possess victory and blessings in them. This is for the reason that a lock which is opened with a key having five teeth will never open with a key having six teeth. As a matter of fact, sometimes only the required numbers of teeth of a key are required just to insert the key in the lock.

An incident of Hazrat Khawaja Hassan Rasul Numa (May Allah be pleased with him) is written in the book entitled Tarbiyat Ul Usshaaq (The training of Lovers) that a molvi who was his disciple (Mureed) was leading his life in poverty. His wife used to call him lazy and urged him repeatedly to go to his Spiritual Guide (Shaykh) and ask him something to recite for improvement in financial conditions. When the molvi went to his Spiritual Guide, his Shaykh said why do you let your wife curse me, recite (Wazifa) Ya Baaboo at midnight. The molvi, anyhow, analyzed it on the basis of his knowledge and thought that his Shaykh might have wanted to say Ya Wahabu instead of Ya Baabu, which he might have said in a state of spiritual ecstasy. Therefore, the respected molvi started reciting Ya Wahabu instead of Ya Baaboo. When things did not improve even when twenty days had passed, his wife started screaming again. Therefore, the respected molvi went to his Spiritual Guide once again. Seeing him, Khawaja Hassan Rasul Numa (May Allah be pleased with him) said, ‘your wife curses me for nothing whereas actually you are guilty. I had told you to recite Ya Baaboo while you kept on reciting Ya Wahabu. Go and recite Ya Babuya hence-forth and if you tried to be vigilant enough this time, I will bash your head with a stick’.

The respected molvi woke up at 4 A.M. and got entangled into deep thoughts in the light of his knowledge that whether he should recite the prescribed supplication or not? Finally, he started reciting Ya Babuya and hardly a few moments had passed when one of the representatives of King knocked at his door and said, the king has called you. On hearing such he became more frightened considering the practice of the king was that he used to summon secretly at midnight, the person to whom he wanted to murder, so that people might not know about it. Now when he departed from his wife and children, all his family members were weeping and wailing. When he reached before the king, the King recognized him in the light and said,

“Yes, he is the one! Make him take a bath and present him to me after dressing him nicely”. 

Now the respected Molvi came before the king after taking a bath and wearing a splendid dress. On the other hand, he was still confused regarding the king’s order? But there were no limits to his surprise when the king stated to him, ‘From today onwards, you are the teacher of my prince. This much land, these many horses and elephants are being awarded to you. From now on wards you will reside here’. When the queen came to know, she too sent fifty thousand gold coins and sent a message that since this matter has taken place suddenly, kindly accept this at the moment. After that, the king inquired from the respected Molvi, ‘Who is this Saint by the name of Hazrat Hassan Rasul Numa (May Allah be pleased with Him)  and where does he live, so that I may respectfully visit him. It is a strange matter that such a pious Saint lives in my empire and I do not know about him. Last night, Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon Him) commanded me to appoint you as the teacher of my son because He cannot say no to Hassan Rasul Numa (May Allah be pleased with Him)’.

The story is long but to cut it short, Hazrat Khawaja Hassan Rasul Numa (May Allah be pleased with Him)  told the respected Molvi that when you were in the state of confusion whether to recite Ya Babuya  or not, Prophet (Peace be upon Him) was smiling observing your condition. While seeing Prophet (Peace be upon Him) happy, I took the opportunity and requested Him to order the king to appoint you (Molvi) as the teacher of his son. Therefore, Prophet (Peace be upon Him) ordered the king in his dream to appoint that person (Molvi) as the teacher of his son. This signifies that the door of blessings and spiritual progress opens with the words and numbers uttered by Awliyaah Allah.

Whatever words are uttered by the Saints, the Lord of the earth and heavens (Allah) honour them and associates victory and success with those words. It is quite possible that for possessors of worldly knowledge (Ilm-e-Zaahiri), the Ulema and Muftis, these words may seem incorrect in terms of grammatical rules but whatever words are spoken by the beloved people of Allah (Saints), those words are indeed Ism e Azam. Spiritually blessed by Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Peace be upon Him), Shaykh Baqa Bin Batu (May Allah be pleased with Him), was paid a visit by three Muslim law jurists (Muftis). And while offering their prayer (Salat) in Shaykh’s leadership [Imamat], became mistrustful when they found that the pronunciation of Quran of Shaykh was not according to their standard. There is a saying of Saints (Awliyaa) that not only the tongue but also the heart should be kept under control while in the companyof Awliyaa. However, when those three jurists slept at night, all of them experienced a wet dream. When they dived into a nearby canal, with the intention to take bath after taking off their clothes, a lion appeared and sat on their clothes. Due to the severity of cold and dread, when all three of them feared the loss of their lives, they realised their mistake. Feeling regret in their hearts when they repented, the lion left their clothes. After putting their clothes on, when they returned to the Khanqah of Shaykh Baqa Bin Batu (May Allah be pleased with him), they saw the same lion rolling in the feet of the Shaykh. Hazrat Shaykh addressed the lion while hitting him with his sleeve, ‘Why did you disturb my guests even if they were suspicious about me?’ and when that lion left, he said to those jurists,

‘you people mend the tongues whereas we mend hearts!’

Allah (Subhaana wata’ala) honours the words uttered by the beloved Saints in such a way that at times the system of universe cannot keep on working until or unless the words of those Saints are not repeated (fulfilled). Muezzin of Prophet (Peace be upon Him), Hezrat Bilal e Habshi (May Allah be pleased with Him) while reciting adhan (call for prayer) could not pronounce ssh so he used to pronounce ssa instead and hence, the hypocrites used to criticise him. Therefore, the Companions of Prophet (May Allah be pleased with Him) requested Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) to appoint someone else. Thereupon, some other companion recited the adhan. Consequently, Arch angel Gabriel (May Allah be pleased with Him) came and respectfully said:

‘O! Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon Him), Allah says, if Bilal does not call for the prayer (adhan), I will not let the sun rise till the day of Judgement (Yaum Al Qiyamah).’

I met with a respected Syed Pir (Shaykh) whose Spiritual Guide (Shaykh), to attain a certain spiritual station, permitted him to recite Surah Yasin (36th Chapter of Al-Quran) probably eleven times daily. However, the respected Pir with his own consent started reciting Surah Yasin forty times or even more daily but instead of settlement of matters, it started to worsen. However, when he met with a spiritually well-informed (Sahib e Haal) Saint, he said, ‘Go! Recite Surah Yasin for the same eleven times which your Spiritual Guide had commanded, only then matters will resolve. Now, when he reverted to the original method and started reciting eleven times, he got success within a few days.

It is written in Malfuzaat e Ala Hazrat:

“Khawaja Junaid Baghdadi (May Allah be pleased with Him) once came to river Tigris and while saying Ya Allah began to walk on water as if he was walking on the ground. Later a man came who too needed to cross the river but no boat was present at that time. When he saw Hazrat walking on the water, the man respectfully asked him, ‘how can I come?’ Hazrat replied him, ‘follow me while saying Ya Junaid! Ya Junaid!’. The man did the same according to the commands and began to walk on the water by uttering Ya Junaid! Ya Junaid!. When he reached in middle of the river, satan (the cursed) sowed the seed of doubt in his heart, that, Hazrat himself is reciting Ya Allah whereas he is ordering you to say Ya Junaid. Therefore, you should also utter Ya Allah! Instead of Ya Junaid!”

He started to utter Ya Allah and all of a sudden dived and began to drown. He cried! Hazrat, I am plunging, save me please. Thereupon, Hazrat instructed the man to again utter Ya Junaid!, Ya Junaid!. The man with that recitation started to walk again on the water and eventually crossed the river safely. He respectfully asked, Hazrat! ‘What is this matter? You utter Allah and cross the river whereas I utter Allah and begin to drown?’

Hazrat stated,‘O ignorant! You have not reached Junaid yet, and you have a craving to access Allah.’

Hence established, that prosperity and Fayz (Spiritual Blessings) are in those words or figures which are uttered by the pious Saints (Awliyaa).

– Sayyidi Sultan Ul Awliyaa Shaykh Muhammad Mohsin Munawar Yousafi Al Naqshbandi

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