The Wife of Shaykh, herself A Waliya of the time

Shaykh Abid Noor Mohsini related, ‘It was 8th March, 2011, 9.00 o’clock in the morning when I heard the bell ringing. I looked towards the door and saw a lean boy standing with his shirt wrapped around his loin.’

Shaykh Aqqass Mohsini asked him why he had rung the bell. The boy answered that he was a labourer and wanted help, saying this he went away.

‘I asked Zubair Mohsini to see where the boy had gone, asked Shaykh Abid Noor Mohsini’

He at once ran outside, I also followed him. A lot of cars were parked outside near the gate and there was no space to walk but the boy had disappeared within no time. Mawlana Shaykh and the respected wife of Mawlana Shaykh Uzma Mohsin were going somewhere, I told them about the whole incident. Respected Uzma asked me about the boy’s appearance, she said that she had been given the vision, with the advice that someone from the Awliya on duty would come and would also ask for money which should be given.

Shaykh Abid Noor Mohsini said,’ I said that a person of this appearance had come even once before and had asked for money but Rasheed had scared him off’.

Hazrat Sahib was angry and said that he is no one to reprimand anyone because he does not know what beings comes at our Door.

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